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Department/BU : Medical
Territory : UK

NICE Guidelines state: Annual savings across the NHS in England from using SecurAcath are estimated to be a minimum of 4.2 million.


The challenge in Vascular access arena with regards to PICC lines and competitor products include:
- rates of catheter migration and dislodgement
- rates of catheter-related infection, including catheter-related bloodstream infection,
- local infection or inflammation and thrombophlebitis
- number of unplanned catheter removals and reinsertions

Need to change practice for Clinical Staff with a training and support given by Aquilant Medical.

Converting all UK Trust using SecurAcath in PICC/MID/Central Lines and moving into Interventional Radiology and feeding tubes.


Identifying the clinicians, understanding their issues and gaining acknowledgement of the accurate rates around dislodgment rates.

Introducing the product, agreeing a defined patient group for the trial and training all areas of the hospital.

Arranging clinical trials amongst Oncology & Haematology patients with agreement from Procurement and Infection Control teams.

Setting up training with PICC Nurses
Inserting PICC Lines through to follow up of care & maintenance.
Other sessions of training on all Wards & Units plus community teams.

With approximately a third of UK Trusts using SecurAcath.


Successful implementation of the sales/training programme and improved customer relationship has enable Aquilant Medical to reach a wider segmented target audience.

Developed a strong KOL base within the UK and leveraged expertise.

Dramatically Reduced Catheter Dislodgement. 0 - 1.5% vs Adhesive Securement rates of 14 - 20%

Increased sales revenue since 2016.