Heater Aerodyne Aerosol

Heater Aerodyne Aerosol

The Respiflo range of closed system products have been designed to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and contamination associated with open humidification systems. The Respiflo system consists of a series of universal bottles and adapters which allows the administration of humidified respiratory gases or the delivery of a therapeutic nebulised aerosol. The Aerodyne system is used in conjunction with the Respiflo MN nebuliser adapters which allows the delivery of a warmed aerosol with controllable temperature.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales]


  • Variable temperature output between safe limits
  • Various brackets available to allow use in a wide range of settings





  • Simple to use, two controls, on/off temperature
  • Easily fitted between any Respiflo bottle and the MN adapter
  • Can be used with Respiflo S saline

Respiflo_Aerodyne Brochure