All-biological BioIntegral Surgical Bifurcated Vascular Graft

All-biological BioIntegral Surgical Bifurcated Vascular Graft

A Totally Biological Perima™ and Perima™ Bifurcation

The only biological graft that compares well with the autogenous

• Clinical experience with over 400 patients and 9000 BioConduit implants, prove resistance to infection at least as good as the autogenous vein1,2,3
• Overwhelming results show resistance to stenosis, calcification, dilatation, and thrombosis
• Made from bovine pericardium for superior strength
• Substitute for replacing vascular bifurcated grafts or tissue in patients with infection or at high risk of infection
• Saves 3 to 4 hours in tailoring the autogenous bifurca-tion (see complete clinical manual)

The BioIntegral Surgical Technology

The BioIntegral Surgical biomodified technology functions to allow growth of the endothelium on all blood contacting surfaces.
• Reduced toxicity
• Enhanced biocompatibility
• Lower rates of infections, adhesions and calcifications4
• Allows for endothelialization, thus enhances patency better than any other vascular graft3,5,8



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