Unique, cellulose sponge retractor that helps avoid the need for extreme head-down position during surgery.

New Ideal Endoscopic Sponge for Retraction of the Small intestine.
Cellulose sponge used for organ retraction during laparoscopic surgery.

1. No need to removing organs by extreme head down position:
Endoractor enables the surgery in a nearly horizontal position and reduces the risk

2. Reduce the stress of surgeons from the descent of organs:
Using Endoractor secures a good surgical filed during operation once excluded and reduce the stress of surgeons

3. Enables wide range exclusion of organs:
Swells approximately 9 times

4. Reduce risk of damage to organs:
Less tissue trauma made from cellulose material and reduce the risk of damage to organs compared to other retractors

5. X-ray detectable:
Reduce risk of internal reside

6. Wider centre & curvature design makes the effective exclusion of the small intestine:
(for Type J 20cm)