Antimicrobial skin cleanser and surgical hand scrub.

Antimicrobial skin cleanser HiBiScrub contains chlorhexidine gluconate, which unlike soaps and gels, binds to the skin and offers persistent, superior protection for six hours. The efficacy is strengthened upon repeated application.

HiBiScrub containing the active chlorhexidine gluconate has a significant proven efficacy killing a wide range of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and viruses. Helping to provide protection against surgical site infections and incision site bacterial growth of microorganisms in less than 60 seconds. This helps to provide protection against surgical site infections.

Incorporating whole body washing into infection control guidelines can influence surgical procedures to be genuinely clean from the very start. Using HiBi high-quality antiseptic products to prepare patients before and after surgery will help to provide protection against SSIs. HiBiScrub for whole body washing is a highly effective antiseptic solution.

HiBiScrub will keep working long after application, continuously killing bacteria for up to six hours. This will reduce the natural bacteria found on one in three people’s skin12 by 94%.