(10%) Intratect 100g/L

(10%) Intratect 100g/L

Human Normal Immunoglobulin

Intratect® is an immunoglobulin G preparation from human plasma for intravenous administration (IVIg). Two concentrations available.
Intratect® 50g/l with an immunoglobulin content of 50 g/l (5%)
Intratect® 100g/L with an immunoglobulin content of 100 g/l (10%)

[Available in Republic Of Ireland]


  • Ease of Use
  • Manufacturing process delivers quality
  • Tolerability


  • Ready to use solutions
  • Room temperature storage for 3 years
  • 10% and 5% concentrations available
  • Various vial size range for both presentations (50ml, 100ml, 200ml)
  • Four viral reduction/elimination steps
  • Sugar-free and stabilised with glycine
  • Low risk of haemolysis.