LMA® Protector™ Airway

LMA® Protector™ Airway

The most advanced second-generation airway from Teleflex.

The LMA® Protector™ Airway with Cuff Pilot™ Technology from Teleflex is the only laryngeal mask that combines a pharyngeal chamber and dual gastric drainage channels, designed specifically to channel gastric content away from the airway. The LMA® Protector™ Airway features Cuff Pilot™ Technology and a 100% silicone airway tube and cuff.

Available in ROI & NI


  • Dual gastric access
  • Ability to intubate


  • Allows for suction and decompression of the stomach via a gastric tube, while providing exit channels for gastric contents in the event of regurgitation
  • Allows for effective, direct intubation with endotracheal tubes up to 7.5 mm