Sysmex UF-500

Sysmex UF-500

The UF-5000, based on Sysmex’s globally renowned fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC), represents the latest in urinalysis technology. It can be used as a standalone analyser, or as part of the modular UN-Series for a truly walkaway, seamless urinalysis workplace solution from sample loading to the final digital image. Load and leave, greater diagnostic significance.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland]


  • Body Fluid Analysis
  • Gram positive / Gram negative flag
  • Haematuria Determination
  • Rapid Turnaround Time
  • Enhanced Efficiencies


  • 7 parameters available in body fluid mode
  • Differentiation of gram negative and gram positive ­bacteria, enabling more specific antimicrobial ­treatment in real time
  • Differentiation between RBC and Crystals is now possible
  • Complete sample analysis in less than a minute
  • Substantial culture reduction