VIVA RF Generator

The VIVA RF Generator is designed to create the predictable and consistent ablation zone by using the optimized ablation modes for various nodules. It also has convenient and useful functions including to the easy operation structure and smart User Interface to provide the exact information related to procedure details which is able to be translated to computer for recording patient treatment data.

The VIVA RF Generator meets EN60601-1 and EN60601-2-2 and is designed as Class 1 Type BF Equipment. The RF generator with coagulation electrode has been complied with the requirements and standards of the international electrical safety codes. Special power modules are imposed between power lines and internal VIVA RF Generator circuitry, resulting in very low leakage current.

[Available in EnglandScotland and Wales]

RF Power: 0-200 watts max output @ 50 ohm load
Accuracy: ±15% / Resolution: 1 watt

Operating Frequency: 480 KHz
Accuracy: ±10%

Temperature monitor: 5˚C-95˚C
Accuracy: ±5˚C / Resolution 1˚C

Impedance monitor: 10-800 ohms
Accuracy: 10-50 ohms (±10 %)
51-300 ohms (±15%)
301-800 ohms (±30%)

STARmed VIVA RF Generator (PDF)