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As a specialist supplier of medical devices and premium consumables to all categories of healthcare providers, we strive to assist clinicians, nursing and professional practitioners, patients and clients in achieving optimal clinical results and enhancing the quality of patient care and outcomes.

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3100A Neonatal & Pediatric High-Frequency Oscillatory Venilator

The 3100A ventilator goes beyond convention by empowering clinicians to deliver high-frequency oscillatory ventilation to both neonatal and paediatric patients. . The 3100 series goes beyond convention.  The 3100A has changed the way clinicians around the world ventilate by setting the benchmark for open lung, low stretch and lung protect...

3100B Adult & Pediatric High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator

. The 3100B ventilator goes beyond convention by empowering clinicians to deliver high-frequency oscillatory ventilation to your larger paediatric and adult patients. . The 3100B is indicated in the ventilatory management of patients with acute respiratory failure and weighing more than 35 kilograms. The 3100B allows the application of continu...

AVEA® ventilator

In the ever-changing world of healthcare, you face more challenging patients and more pressure on outcomes.  The AVEA ventilator was designed with you in mind.  Its comprehensive array of clinical tools and advanced monitoring allow you to guide your patient through the continuum of care simply and effectively with a focus on improving...

Infant Flow® SiPAP System

Taking neonatal non-invasive ventilation to the next level Infant Flow® SiPAP System. . • Clinically proven technology to target lung protection. • BiPhasic and nCPAP modes. • Intuitive operation. • Integrated safety alarms. • Integrated patient monitoring. • Apnea and low breath rate detection. . Advan...


Healthcare providers need solutions that empower them to deliver quality patient care. The VELA ventilator empowers clinicians with a comprehensive range of modalities for

365 Healthcare Procedure Packs

Our extensive range of 365 Healthcare Procedure Packs can be custom made for you, in a sterile or non-sterile format or you can choose from our large range of existing packs. Why use procedure packs?. One pack to open. One pack per procedure. Increased efficiency. Eliminates waste. Saves time. Minor Procedure packs are easier to manage, reduce i...

Actimove® Arm Sling

Actimove® Sling is a modern, easy to use, comfortable immobilisation system for the upper extremity. The strap and Y-tab hook offers clinicians and patients a versatile and effective arm support. Suitable for use in cases of trauma at wrist, elbow or shoulder, arm support in combination with a cast. Product Benefits and Design Features. Non-...

Actimove® EpiSport Anatomically shaped Epicondylitis Brace

Actimove® EpiSport reduces the discomfort and pain caused by acute and chronic epicondylitis. The anatomically shaped clasp and non-slip, soft liner align to the natural shape of the elbow to ensure an optimal fit whilst the elastic Velcro™ strap allows for individual therapeutic compression levels to provide comfort during sport and e...

Actimove® Gauntlet Thumb & Wrist Brace

Actimove® Gauntlet is a functional thumb and wrist support for the treatment of light to moderate injuries or chronic instability problems at the thumb. Pain relief and healing are supported by stabilisation through the anatomically shaped stay. MCP joint stabilisation through thumb stay while allowing full finger movement. Great comfort fro...

Actimove® Genu Tri Panel Knee Immobiliser

The Eco Knee Immobiliser supports the knee and helps to reduce pain. Suitable for use following surgery, soft tissue injuries and minor fractures in the knee region. Product Benefits and Design Features. Panels allow splint adjustments for a broad spectrum of patient leg circumferences. Hook and loop sensitive closure system permits an easy appl...

Actimove® Knee Brace

Activmove Knee Brace supports easy application for painful knees through the front wrap closure, with polycentric hinges whihc are designed to match natural movement. Product Benefits and Design Features. Pan relief and healing are supported through balanced warmth and medical compression. Great comfort with exceptional breathability through qui...

Actimove® Manus Eco Wrist Brace

Actimove® Manus provides stabilisation of the wrist.  The removable palmar stay allows application for both the right and left hand. Pain relief and healing are supported by stabilisation through the anatomically shaped stay. Can be applied on right or left hand. Great comfort from soft Latex-free material and contoured strap ends. Hand...

Actimove® Solea Eco Post-Op Shoe

Actimove® Solea helps to protect the foot following surgery of the foot and/or toes.   . Design Features:. Rigid flat sole provides protection of the foot and limits flexion of the toes. Soft foam liner, soft foam towards the skin reduces rubbing and enhances patient comfort during wear. Long straps can be trimmed at the appropriat...

Actimove® Talocast

Actimove® Talocast ankle stirrup brace prevents inversion and eversion of the foot, providing increased protection for injured ligaments and the joint capsule. Planter and dorsi-flexion are not restricted, allowing the patient to have as normal a gait pattern as possible. Product benefits and Design features:. Strong lightweight plastic shel...

Actimove® Tutor Pro

Innovative Knee Immobiliser- Actimove Tutor Pro is the modern solution for secure immobilisation of the knee joint.    . Durable and light- Daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs and long periods of standing exert strong forces on the knee. Actimove Tutor Pro passed all tests modelling real forces experienced in daily u...

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