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Working with some of the largest medical device manufactures globally such as Medtronic, Vyaire and a selection of specialist partners, we are able to provide a broad portfolio of products that assist clinicians in providing care for the most vulnerable patients.

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3100A Neonatal & Pediatric High-Frequency Oscillatory Venilator

The 3100A ventilator goes beyond convention by empowering clinicians to deliver high-frequency oscillatory ventilation to both neonatal and paediatric patients. . The 3100 series goes beyond convention.  The 3100A has changed the way clinicians around the world ventilate by setting the benchmark for open lung, low stretch and lung protect...

3100B Adult & Pediatric High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator

. The 3100B ventilator goes beyond convention by empowering clinicians to deliver high-frequency oscillatory ventilation to your larger paediatric and adult patients. . The 3100B is indicated in the ventilatory management of patients with acute respiratory failure and weighing more than 35 kilograms. The 3100B allows the application of continu...

AVEA® ventilator

In the ever-changing world of healthcare, you face more challenging patients and more pressure on outcomes.  The AVEA ventilator was designed with you in mind.  Its comprehensive array of clinical tools and advanced monitoring allow you to guide your patient through the continuum of care simply and effectively with a focus on improving...

Infant Flow® SiPAP System

Taking neonatal non-invasive ventilation to the next level Infant Flow® SiPAP System. . • Clinically proven technology to target lung protection. • BiPhasic and nCPAP modes. • Intuitive operation. • Integrated safety alarms. • Integrated patient monitoring. • Apnea and low breath rate detection. . Advan...


Healthcare providers need solutions that empower them to deliver quality patient care. The VELA ventilator empowers clinicians with a comprehensive range of modalities for

Aerodyne Aerosol Heater

Used in conjunction with Respiflo MN nebuliser adapters allows the delivery of a warmed aerosol with controllable temperature. See brochure attached for full product specifications.

Aerogen® Pro X Controller

Aerogen Pro-X Controller: Portable power source for the Aerogen Solo with 30 minute and continuous modes.

Aerogen® Solo (Consumable)

Aerogen Solo: Single patient use vibrating mesh aerosol drug delivery technology offering superior performance across all hospital modalities. .  

Aerogen® Ultra

Used with the Aerogen Solo the Aerogen Ultra offers superior drug delivery and improved patient response in Emergency Departments, Wards, and ICU. .

Aerogen® USB Controller

The Aerogen USB controller is a portable power source for the Aerogen Solo with 30 minute and 6 hour modes.  


 . Air warming system for peripheral venous access. Airglove warming system works in just 3 minutes.  Simple to set up; the Airglove gently heats the patients arm to the selected temperature before automatically cutting off after 3 minutes. The single use double walled polythene glove protects the patients skin from direct heat and is ...

AirLife adult demand cannulas

Designed to give the highest degree of freedom and comfort to ambulatory oxygen patients. These cannulas feature inspiratory sensing from both lumen, offering innovation in both comfort and effective oxygen delivery for the long-term oxygen therapy patient. They sense patient inspiration and deliver oxygen through both lumens to maintain appropr...

AirLife adult standard nasal cannulas

The AirLife cannulas offer an angulated, flexible lip plate, which provides comfort at the tip of the nasal region, with bevelled tips to provide a softer edge. Disposable cannulas are curved and are available with flared or nonflared tips. 50 cannulas per case.

AirLife aerosol masks

These soft, high-quality AirLife disposable aerosol masks are made from high-grade resins. The smooth, feathered edges are designed for patient comfort while reducing irritation points. All AirLife masks are designed for anatomical compatibility. A full line is available to meet requirements in paediatric and adult sizes. 50 masks per case.

AirLife brand Dual Dial Venturi-style masks

Utilizing two oxygen concentration dials, our Venturi-style masks deliver nine specific oxygen concentrations ranging from 24% to 55% O2. They accommodate paediatric and adult patients. Each mask comes complete with 2.1 m of crush-resistant oxygen tubing, 15 cm flex tube, colour-coded low and medium concentration dials, a high-humidity adapter a...

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