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Rehab & Mobility

Healthcare 21 has partnered with leading industry manufacturers in order to provide you with a range of rehab and mobility products that provides you with a solution to meet your patients specific needs.

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660 Dual Motor Mini Lounger

The 660 Dual Motor Mini Lounger boasts an infinite number of recline & lounging positions. . Engineered furniture laminate/hardwood frame. 27 Stone (170kg) weight capacity. Two independent motors. Head and arm covers are included.

Activity Cushion Vicair AllRounder O2

Vector O2 | 10 cm | The most stable cushion for wheelchair users. Optimal temperature and moisture regulation. Fully machine washable. Stays with you during activities outside of the wheelchair. Skin protection. Extremely light to support optimal mobility. Active as you are, not all of your activities require or allow the use of a wheelchair. In...


Careflex Ltd have produced innovative specialist seating since 1995, and Healthcare 21 are proud to bring you their range of adjustable chairs and chair accessories.  Each design represents hundreds of hours of research, thought, care, craftsmanship and expertise in specialist seating. Over the years, Careflex have provided specialist seati...

Craftwork Upholstery

Craftwork Upholstery has been manufacturing care home furniture since 1991 as well as supplying general, residential and mental health furniture to the NHS in the UK. Craftworks offer tables, sofas and cabinet furniture from a single chair to a complete turnkey package. Craftwork Upholstery offer an extensive wood selection with a range of 6 sta...


Freeway shower stretcher, tables and trolleys allow the caregiver to work at a comfortable height which helps to avoid bending, so reducing fatigue and the risk of injury to both the caregiver and client. All stretchers are available with skirts, padded or unpadded cot sides, shorter brackets and longer legs. Practical ergonomic design. Aestheti...

Freeway Shower Chairs

Freeway shower chairs are of modular design, bespoke and can be configured to a choice of interchangeable seat, backrest, armrest, and footrests.


Slings are the most important component of any hoist system as they are the interface between the client and the hoist. Our comprehensive range offers a variety of designs to suit the client’s condition, the hoist and the activity to be undertaken. We also have a variety of durable, flame retardant fabrics available to meet varying “...

Magic Mobility Extreme 44

This is not your standard electric wheelchair! The Magic Mobility Extreme X8 will be your partner to just about any destination; through sand or snow and up or down kerbs*. Unrivalled off-road performance and reliability make it perfect for outdoor adventurers, explorers and rural workers.  If the great outdoors is where you want to be, the...


Healthcare 21 is delighted to announce our partnership with Medi-Plinth. Medi-Plinth have a reputation for producing high quality examination couches that are robustly constructed, offering the level of durability suited to environments where patient throughput can be very high.   . Please click here to view the portfolio or contact St...

Mike Ayres Design

Healthcare 21 are very proud to work with Mike Ayres Design in Ireland. Mike Ayres is a professional designer with 30 years experience in creating equipment and environments for people with special needs.

Mini-Plus Portable Compressor Nebuliser

The Mini-Plus is a compressor nebuliser designed for easy portability, especially for people on the move. Chronic respiratory problems are unpredictable and it is important for people to have their treatment devices close at hand. The compact size, light weight and convenient carrying handle of the Mini-Plus facilitates portability and allows ea...

Multi-Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms provide an environment in which you can create events which focus on particular senses such as feel, vision, sound, smell and taste as well as the more abstract senses of wellbeing, space, time, togetherness and many more we could describe. This can happen in many ways: through special sound and visual effects, tactile experiences,...


Healthcare 21 is a proud partner of Ormesa in Ireland. Ormesa is characterised for its particular care towards the equilibrium of form, colour and ergonomical characteristics of technical aids which are the results of a research aimed towards the achievement of the integration of the user with his environment. 

Pride C15 Cameo Chair

The Pride C15 Cameo Chair is a rising armchair that helps the user to sit and stand. The chair has a handheld remote control for operation of the rise function. There are two large pockets on the sides of the chair for storing items and the chair has a removable backrest.

Sensearound Mobile Studio

Mike Ayres Design is working with companies that specialise in adapting vehicles for specialist use and for people with disabilities.

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