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Working within Gynaecology, Obstetrics and General surgery, we provide a portfolio of innovative and clinically effective surgical products.

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Mystic & Mityvac

Enhancing a winner— the Mityvac line of vacuum assisted delivery systems. Every delivery is unique! Mystic II is designed to ensure the clinician has the safest device for every Operative Vaginal Delivery. Improved outcomes begin with better choices—better choices begin with Mystic II.  Soft Bell cups result in less trauma....


In surgery, the objective is straightforward, but effectively targeting tissue while minimizing impact to surrounding structures can be particularly challenging - especially when you're removing lesions.  . PlasmaJet® surgery system is the only device that delivers a highly controlled effect on tissue in four distinct actions without th...


The Right Choice For All Pelvic Laparoscopic Procedures. Advanced Uterine Manipulation System Delivering Superior Control and Enhanced Visualization. The RUMI® II System is ideal for any laparoscopic pelvic surgery. As a surgeon, you will experience superior exposure and access to pelvic anatomy. The RUMI II System provides maximum flex...

365 Healthcare Gowns

Healthcare gowns are available in 2 materials, both of which come in the complete range of protection levels required;. Spun Lace EFP a textile material of staple fibres entangled through hydraulic ‘needling’ to form a strong, fabric-like material. Good fluid and particulate barrier. Texture mimics linen for flexibility, movement &am...

365 Healthcare Headwear

Healthcare 21 offers a comprehensive portfolio of surgical gowns and headwear to suit your clinical requirements. . With our headwear, you can protect yourself from potentially harmful pathogens. Our range of infection prevention products are designed for optimum protection, patient care and user comfort. . Headwear provides complete containment...

365 Healthcare Procedure Packs

Our extensive range of 365 Healthcare Procedure Packs can be custom made for you, in a sterile or non-sterile format or you can choose from our large range of existing packs. Why use procedure packs?. One pack to open. One pack per procedure. Increased efficiency. Eliminates waste. Saves time. Minor Procedure packs are easier to manage, reduce i...

Acellular Dermal Matrix

Healthcare 21 are the exclusive distributors for Allergan’s LifeCell™ portfolio in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria.

Argyle™ flexible yankauer sets with non-conductive flexible tubing

Yankauers complete with pre-connected suction tube

Argyle™ Selec-Trol™ yankauer

Total on/off vacuum suction control. Sterile, single use . Available with large open tip, bulb tip or fine tip. Open tip and bulb tip are made from transparent high quality PVC with lateral eyes, rounded distal ends and bevelled edges for controlled atraumatic suction, even on the most delicate of tissues. Patented sliding ON-OFF switch gives th...

Argyle™ surgical suction connecting tubing with funnel connectors

Wide range of sizes. Clear PVC construction. Striated walls to avoid tube collapse. Minimal coil memory prevents kinking. Sterile. Latex free

Arista AH Absorbable Hemostatic Powder with MPH Technology

The Latest Generation in Haemostasis from BARD®. Arista™AH is a 100% plant based absorbable surgical haemostatic powder derived from purified plant starch. The power of Arista™AH lies in its Microporous Polysaccharide Hemispheres, a patented blood clotting technology. Arista™AH is indicated in surgical procedures (except ne...

Carter Thomason

Safely and Quickly Close Port Sites, Especially on Challenging Obese Patients. The patented Carter-Thomason CloseSure System is designed to prevent port-site herniation, a potential complication of minimally invasive surgeries. "There is a high incidence of incisional hernias and recurrence of hernias following surgical procedures in the ob...

Celsius™ Forced Air Warming System

The Calima™ is the most Powerful, Versatile and Compact convective forced air warming system on the market with a complete blanket range suitable for most procedures. Powerful, Versatile & Quiet . 3 Turbine speeds and 4 temperature settings to optimize performance, matching power to clinical requirements and ensuring noise levels are k...


CO3+ Shape memory & CO3A Anatomical. . •  Fixation free prosthesis with atraumatic "grips" on both sides. •  Easy repositioning during surgery. •  Natural fixation after inner pressure restored. •  Unique porous structure to favour quick tissue ingrowth and colonization. •  Be...

Devon Positioning Products

Devon™ positioning products offer a reliable, efficient and economical solution for the safe alignment and support of surgical patients during surgery. The non toxic, firm density foam reduces pressure and provides the ideal combination of exceptional stability and cushioning to common pressure sites. See brochure for full product range an...

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