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Stability Down to its Molecular Core.  . Dotarem® (gadoterate meglumine) with its unique profile, provides the highest molecular stability, minimizing the risk of gadolinium release. . The first macrocyclic & ionic GBCA molecule sold in the US. Patented manufacturing process. . More than 100 million global doses administer...

Hepatect CP

. Hepatect CP is a human hyper immunoglobulin for intravenous infusion manufactured from plasma from vaccinated donors with high anti-HBs antibody titres. Hepatect CP is a sugar-free isotonic low-salt solution with a pH of 5.2 with anti-HBs activity of 50 units/ml. Hepatect CP is used for the post-exposure prophylaxis of HBV infection and for th...

Intratect 100g/L (10%)

. Human Normal Immunoglobulin. Intratect® is an immunoglobulin G preparation from human plasma for intravenous administration (IVIg). Two concentrations available. Intratect® 50g/l with an immunoglobulin content of 50 g/l (5%). Intratect® 100g/L with an immunoglobulin content of 100 g/l (10%). . Features & Benefits. Ease of Use:....

Lipiodol® Ultra Fluid

Lipiodol® Ultra Fluid is an oil-based contrast agent indicated for Hysterosalpingography (HSG) and cTACE.


Optiray is a non-ionic, low osmolar X-ray contrast medium. It has no methyl groups (CH3-) with six hydroxyl groups (-OH) symmetrically arranged around the tri-iodinated benzene ring. Optiray contrast medium is available in a wide range of practice-orientated presentations.

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