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Elvarex Soft Seamless

A technological innovation from Essity. The world's first seamless flat-knit compression glove and foot cap. Constructed entirely without a seam, these unique garments provide unrivalled patient comfort during wear and proven medical efficacy. The perfect anatomical fit guarantees even, uninterrupted compression for optimum oedema management, ev...

JOBST Bella Lite

Comfortable and effective upper limb garments. The JOBST Bella Lite circular-knit, seamless garments are designed to treat the symptoms of mild to moderate lymphoedema. These comfortable garments can be worn together, separately or as a combined arm sleeve to help maintain the limb size of a lymphoedema patient. They provide graduated compressio...

JOBST Bellavar

Firm feel fabric. JOBST Bellavar is a range of ready-to-wear, circular-knit compression hosiery, designed to treat the symptoms of lymphoedema, following oedema reduction. JOBST Bellavar is manufactured using a firmer feel fabric to apply a stronger level of compression with stiff resistance. These yarns are suitable for treating moderate levels...

JOBST Bellisse

An innovative approach to chest wall and breast edema following breast or chest surgery. Don’t confuse this revolutionary “compression garment” with a mastectomy bra. This is a medical compression garment that facilitates drainage of excess lymphatic fluid in the chest and breast area following breast cancer, and other chest or...

JOBST Compri 2

JOBST® Compri2 and JOBST® Compri2 Lite two-layer bandaging systems aid the healing of leg ulcers by the application of compression. Compression is considered to be the cornerstone of leg ulcer therapy. Many studies indicate adequate compression supports venous flow and show significant effects on deep venous haemodynamics, ultimately pro...

JOBST Comprifore

JOBST Comprifore multi-layer bandage kit contains all the components needed for adequate compression in the treatment of venous leg ulcers, providing sustained, graduated compression of 40mmHg.

JOBST Comprilan

Comprilan is made of 100% cotton and is therefore highly skin friendly. This short stretch bandage is durable and extremely sturdy. Comprilan can be washed many times at 40°C without losing its specific features. The bandage ends do not fray and the interlocking weave provides air permeability.

JOBST Elvarex

No1 flat-knit garment on prescription. JOBST Elvarex is a range of flat-knit compression garments for the treatment of lymphoedema. They are available on prescription in all conceivable variants. A high working pressure to resting pressure ratio, guarantees effective mobilisation of oedema and improves lymph drainage. The high air permeability a...

JOBST Elvarex Plus

A new generation in flat-knit compression garments. JOBST Elvarex Plus is part of a robust family of products which through innovative product development, continues the JOBST Elvarex success story in the management of lymphoedema and chronic oedema. JOBST Elvarex Plus has succeeded in adapting the inner strength of the JOBST Elvarex material to...

JOBST Elvarex Ready to Wear

Ready-to-wear flat-knit compression garments. JOBST Elvarex ready-to-wear garments are available in a number of different styles for both upper and lower limbs. A high ratio of working pressure to resting pressure guarantees effective mobilisation of oedema and improves lymph drainage. Each flat-knit garment provides the correct compression grad...

JOBST Elvarex Soft

Skin-protecting softness and excellent breathability. Upper and lower limb custom-fit, flat-knit garments for the treatment of mild to moderate lymphoedema and specifically designed for those patients with dry, sensitive or fragile skin. The unique knitted fabric contains a soft textured yarn, combining skin-protecting softness and excellent bre...

JOBST Farrow Toe Cap and Glove

The ready-to-wear toe cap and glove provides a gentle compression for patients with mild to moderate oedema. Offered in a range of sizes, the JOBST Farrow Toe Cap and Glove covers a broad range of patients and complements the JOBST FarrowWrap assortment perfectly. The comfortable fabric and ultra thin seams ensures increased patient comfort.

JOBST Farrow Wrap

Lymphoedema management made simple through adjustable short-stretch wrap solutions. With the JOBST FarrowWrap products we are a step further towards being able to offer a full portfolio of products to help you deliver what patients want: the freedom to live their lives. The JOBST FarrowWrap short-stretch compression system is our new alternative...

JOBST Farrow Wrap 4000

JOBST FarrowWrap 4000 provides even compression of 30-40mmHg for patients with mild to moderate venous and lymphatic conditions, with or without a leg ulcer present. Foot swelling is addressed with the JOBST® FarrowHybrid®, providing compression from foot to ankle. The new ranges now available on Drug Tariff compliment the JOBST FarrowWr...


Foam rubber pad. JOBST Foam is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from compression stockings or bandages over bony prominences. With its latex-free formulation JOBST Foam is available as a foam rubber kidney-shaped pad.

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