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Asset Tracking

Healthcare 21 delivers expertise and advice to medical device manufacturers and end users. We are committed to customer excellence. Our ‘Services’ solution includes: Asset Tracking - from point of purchase to end of life; Storage; Logistics; Decontamination; and Service & Repair.

Asset Tracking




Service & Repair

Healthcare 21 utilises the AssetTrak System, which is a web-based online software application used to record every movement, location and process applied to an asset. All details from how the asset was decontaminated (e.g. temperatures, levels of disinfection etc.), when it was serviced (e.g. service/repair history, parts used, costs of repair, serial numbers, asset numbers, etc.) right through to whom had the asset and where it is currently.

It provides a single track-and-trace solution ensuring all aspects of a product lifecycle are recorded to give a true and accurate life-cost of the product.

AssetTrak enables online customer access to stock items, request for delivery and service calls, and the ability to download a range of reports directly from the system.