Aquilant/Healthcare 21 has been Fujifilm’s exclusive UK partner for endoscopy products since 1997 and is proud to work with over 120 hospitals across the UK.
Continued investment since the 1990’s, has seen Fujifilm Japan’s products remain consistently at the cutting edge of endoscope technology. The introduction of the world’s first honeycomb Super CCD instruments, in 2004, has been followed up with continual improvements. The latest 7000 series processor utilises groundbreaking 4-LED multi-light technology and the 700 series range of endoscopes feature CMOS chip, anti-blur and close focus technology. Fujifilm leads the way in endoscopic detection and characterization, with advanced observation modes providing clinicians with unsurpassed endoscopic visualisation.

Celebrating our 75th anniversary in 2009, Fujifilm is known as the world’s largest photographic and imaging company. We are also innovating in medicine, highly functional materials, and many other high-tech areas.

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