Healthcare 21 is proud to deliver an extensive and innovative range of functional Soft Supports, Braces, Orthoses and Fracture Room accessories to the Irish market. Our highly motivated product specialists work closely with clinicians in both hospital and community settings. We are proud to have built strong relationships with these clinical teams, thereby making a difference to patient’s lives; a value that is central to our company ethos.

Our strong presence in the Orthopaedic market in Ireland is synonymous with our excellent exclusive partnerships with leading innovative companies such as Essity, Medi, Chaneco and Medezine. We are proud to work with companies who align themselves with improving patient outcomes across the globe and deliver clinical and scientific excellence to our customers every time.

Bracing & Support

We offer an extensive range of bracing and support solutions for the relief of stress on joints, to stabilize and immobilize for injuries, stable fractures, post-surgery and to manage degenerative conditions that affect quality of life. We have a selection of options for Knee, Ankle and Foot, Arm, Shoulder, Wrist and Hand and Back and Neck.


Fracture Management

Essity formerly known as BSN Medical are global leaders in the area of Fracture Management and offer a market leading fracture management range of innovative and trusted product solutions for the modern and busy cast room.

We supply Plaster of Paris and Synthetic casting taps and splinting as well as stockinette, padding and a range of casting accessories. Medezine have been producing medical saws and plaster instruments for over 20 years and we are proud to partner with them. We offer a comprehensive range of light weight, quiet cost-effective cast saws and an extensive range of high quality, durable instruments and scissors from Medezine.


Cast Saws & Instruments

We are proud to partner with Medezine medical a world class manufacturer of high-quality Healthcare products offering cost effective solutions. Medezine develop reliable and innovative products, design encompasses important feedback from Healthcare professionals and patients.

We offer Medezine cast removal solutions, a comprehensive range of Cast Saws, quiet, durable and cost effective along with a range of high-quality stainless-steel instruments and scissors.