Primary Care and Nursing

Primary Care and Nursing

Healthcare 21 has vast experience in the Nursing Care sector, supported by our highly trained Product Specialists throughout the country. We are proud to offer you guidance from seating a client to a full turn-key solution for your Nursing Home. In partnership with world-class innovative manufacturers throughout Europe, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio that will enhance your Nursing Home providing improved patient outcomes across the industry.


At Healthcare 21 we have a specialised seating division with 14 seating specialists that can provide solutions for any seating or transport needs.

From basic day to day seating to the most complex case, we provide one to one seating assessments and carry an extensive range of trial equipment so the right seating solution is achieved every time.

We are proud to partner with Sunrise Medial Seating, Careflex Comfort Seating, among others to provide extensive solutions for all of our customers.



Healthcare 21 provides a range of infection control wipes to suit your requirements including skin cleansing, dry, multi surface, flush away and absorbent wipes.


Continence Care

Healthcare 21 provides an extensive range of Continence Care solutions offering a full range of sizes including shaped pads, all-in-ones, pull ups and disposable sheets providing you and your patients with the essential you need.


Bed & Bedroom Accessories

Healthcare 21 provides a full range of beds, we can cater for ICU hospital beds, Nursing Home beds and beds for someone just needing a little bit of help at home. All our beds are CE approved and are full electric 4 section beds.

We can also provide made to measure beds and work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that we get the correct product to suit your needs.


Pressure Relief & Systems

Healthcare 21 provide a full range of pressure reducing surfaces to treat all types of patients. This is backed up with full clinical research which is essential when choosing the right mattress. We have a full range of foam, hybrid and air mattresses available.

We work closely with the leading manufacturers to provide the latest cutting-edge technology which ensures comfort and safety for clients.


Moving & Handling

Healthcare 21 provides an extensive range of Moving & Handling solutions including Hoists, Slings, Belts, Turn Tables and Slide Sheets to meet the needs of the professionals and caregivers who use them.

We work closely with the leading manufacturers to provide the latest cutting-edge technology which ensures comfort and safety for clients.


Paediatric Seating

For most children and youngsters, a good comfortable seating position can have a positive impact on muscle tone and facilitates the child’s ability to perform movements with their upper extremities and head. A range of different features and functions have been developed across our portfolios to create the best possible adaptable sitting position according to individual users’ seating needs. A life-enhancing product range developed to establish an ideal seating position for children and youngsters living with mobility impairment helping them to play and engage in activities that thereby develop their skills.

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Paediatric Showering and Bathing

At Healthcare 21, we are proud to work with R82, a company who’s core values centre around design, innovation, dedication and simplicity.

Together in Ireland, we offer a comprehensive range of showering and bathing solutions for paediatric use. All products are developed by R82 with rehabilitation professionals resulting in ergonomic design and a high quality product offering.


Warranty & After Sales

Healthcare 21 Engineering and Technical services team provide a full warranty and after care service for all nursing and residential products to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on our highly experienced service teams, who undergo ongoing Manufacturer training and development to ensure the latest up-to-date technical knowledge. Healthcare 21 Group Companies offer a comprehensive range of services designed to maintain the optimal performance of each device and bespoke to the needs of our customer.

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