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Why partner with us? It’s simple – we can work with you to drive improved sales, market penetration, and profitability in existing and new markets. Enhancing patient outcomes and meeting the ever-changing needs of healthcare. Delivering innovative products & solutions to improve healthcare outcomes. With dedicated experts in each therapy area, Healthcare 21 knows your market intimately to provide tailored strategies to boost your sales

Partner with us

Why partner with us?

It’s simple – we can work with you to drive improved sales, market penetration and profitability in existing and new markets.

In addition, you will benefit from the same services already being realised by almost 100 of the world’s leading healthcare manufacturers. These benefits include world class sales and marketing support, distribution and tracking and comprehensive service and repair programmes.

At Healthcare 21, we nurture and take great pride of our deepening and expanding partnership network comprising the world’s top healthcare manufacturers and solution providers.

We exist for their success and welcome new partners into Europe’s premier healthcare product distribution network.

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Improving Outcomes

Portfolio Lifecycle Management

Managing the longevity and relevance of medical device and healthcare consumable products, as they move along the lifecycle curve, is a skill.

The healthcare environment is ever changing and fast paced, so to maximise pricing and margin, it’s key to reinvigorate declining product portfolios. It’s what we’re good at, and expert in delivering.

Supply Chain Rationalisation

One invoice, one shipment, once a month – simple and streamlined.

Transfer a direct to market product portfolio to us for significant impact on your supply chain and associated costs. We trade with every UK, Irish, German and Austrian Hospital and have the infrastructure in place – from logistics to customer services – to ensure we can take your med-tech product portfolio further.

Salesforce Optimisation

In-market sales teams, sales managers and marketing personnel are an expensive but necessary resource. Typically, they gravitate towards and focus on products that are new, innovative and high margin.

We can release their time, so they can fully concentrate on these products whilst we manage your less attractive but still high revenue portfolios.

Guaranteed Revenues and Margin

As a large, financially strong, pan-European company, Healthcare 21 has scale.

We have the capacity to guarantee our new and existing partners’ pre-agreed and consistent monthly, quarterly or annual orders. This means our partners can benefit from assured, long-term revenue streams and margin.


Over many years of partnership with some of the largest medical device companies in the world, we have built a reputation for both large and small product portfolio transitions.

We have extensive experience with legal, regulatory, contractual and HR processes, including contract novation and TUPE of staff, in the transfer from both direct and indirect operations.

Dedicated Customer Service Centres

Service & Engineering Centres

Covering UK and Irish regions

Specialist Sales Teams

Consisting of 100+ sales people

Supported Customers

Across 30 therapeutic areas

What to Expect

Logistics & Distribution

Delivering excellence in logistics and distribution across Europe for our partners

Extensive logistic solutions and lean distribution networks across Ireland, UK and Europe ensure optimum level supply chain integrity, robust infrastructure, dynamic support teams and market leading equipment. We provide value-added services to meet operational, strategic and customer service-related goals, anytime, anywhere.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing success through expertise and experience

A wealth of strategic insight, built from years of industry experience and marketplace know how has enabled us to develop an expertise and reputation via our multiple direct and dedicated in-field sales teams, inside sales operations and marketing group specialising in each therapeutic area. Added to that our commitment to on-demand and efficient business support services ensures long term relationships with HCP’s.

Asset Management

Managing assets with traceability through product lifecycle

Maximising potential, performance, security and value of your product portfolio through enterprise wide asset tracking for data collection and analysis on whole product life cycle establishing accurate value and quality management. Decontamination and service history management provides invaluable insights to inform future purchasing and product development decisions.

Service & Engineering

Substantive service & engineering operations to support the largest of partners

Operating five service and engineering sites across the UK & Ireland, we provide service, repair and decontamination for partner products and 3rd party servicing for companies without European facilities. Data driven service to deliver optimum efficiency, minimise down time, ensure safety of all products and transform management of the supply chain.

Insight & Consultancy

Providing experience and insight to deliver success in entering new markets

Advice on ‘best practice’ approach, providing lessons learned and exercising proven expertise to formulate smart, effective and sustainable solutions. Whether it be go-to-market and product launch support or assisting with funding, financial, regulatory or legal affairs, acquisitions and merger integration and product development – we can help. Strategic experience and strong analytical frame work to help unlock growth and unleash potential.

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