Macherey Nagel Urinalysis

Unitech supply Macherey Nagel Urinalysis Products. Their Uryxxon range of Urine Analysis Meters offer both laboratory solutions and POCT solutions. The meters provide result integrity with password protection, warnings and lockouts. They are extremely easy to use with minimal training.

The Combi 10 SGL Medi Test Urinalysis strip offers the best protection of the blood and glucose test against influences of Vit C. With other test strips Vit C can cause false negative results. Please see attached PDF for more information on this product.

Urine test strips from MACHEREY-NAGEL are especially user-friendly. Due to the high resistance towards interferences by ascorbic acid, a second testing for sensitive parameters such as blood or glucose is unnecessary in most cases. The optimised, flexible shape of the test strips also allows the examination of very small amounts of urine. This is an indispensable advantage, especially in the field of pediatrics

The same strips can be used both manually and electronically on the Uryxxon Urinalysis Meters.

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