Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy plays a central role in the treatment of venous and lymphatic disorders. It serves two main purposes: to reduce swelling caused by fluid filtration in the tissues and to reduce venous reflux and venous hypertension.Healthcare 21’s strong presence in the Compression Therapy market is synonymous with our excellent exclusive partnership with JOBST by Essity, a leading innovative portfolio of compression therapy solutions, that empowers the patient to confidently live the life they want without compromise. JOBST delivers clinical excellence with their ranges of Medical and Support Compression.

Compression therapy is an integral part of the treatment plan for Lymphoedema. Custom-made JOBST compression garments are perfectly fitted and are designed to provide your client with more comfort, less symptoms –and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. The JOBST Lymphoedema product family includes world renowned brands-JOBST Elvarex, JOBST Relax and JOBST Farrow-Wrap, many of which are now available on PCRS Reimbursement Codes, click Here.

Our highly motivated and dedicated sales teams work closely with clinicians in hospital, private practice and community settings providing support and assistance with measurements daily. We are proud to have built strong relationships with these clinical teams, thereby making a difference to patient’s lives; a value that is central to our company ethos.Available in IRE/ NI.

Compression Garments

We have a wide range of compression garments designed to offer highly effective, therapeutic compression for the management of venous and lymphatic diseases.

The extensive JOBST® compression garment range includes ready-to-wear, custom-fit, circular-knit and flat-knit garments for the upper and lower limb. JOBST Farrow wrap offers ready to wear and custom fit options for upper and lower limb andready to wear gloves and toecaps.



As a specialist in compression therapy, our partner Essity formerly known as BSN medical has a wide range of compression therapy bandage products offering kits and combinable components for every application.



To support the treatment of venous and lymphatic diseases we offer additional products, JOBST Jovipads, JOBST Foam pads and JOBST SurgicalVest.