Tosoh Bioscience

Aquilant Scientific represent Tosoh Bioscience in Ireland. Tosoh Bioscience supply HPLC systems for HbA1C testing as well as compact immunoassay. The new G8 HPLC System offers exceptional reliability, speed and versatility to support use on automated tracking lines. It delivers fully quantified variant detection and HbA1c testing in just 1.6 mins/test by using TSK Gel column technology. This is a gel in the column which allows both improved separation of haemoglobin fragments as well as the efficiency of separation against competitive systems which use older porous silica technology in the HPLC Column.

The system can thus process 50 tests in just 1 hour 20 mins. Tosoh PIANO Data Manager provides a wide range of applications including Chromatogram review with library and overlay facility. QC Package including Levey Jennings Charts. Reagent logging, audit trails and full result archiving.

Unique features from the new Tosoh G8 System include:
Improved precision & thus patient management with CV<1% Intra+ Inter

Analyse your 60 samples per day in 1hr36 saving 1hr 20mins on most competitive systems

No effect from carbamylation, acetylation, or interference of variants on Hba1c results

Detects S,C,D variants in separate windows

L.E.D Detection source on G8 vs traditional light bulb

No heat from column housing given off

G8 is open for automation with tracking systems

Switch between Hba1c mode to B-Thalassemia in 10 mins only

Piano software shows multiple applications such as chromatogram viewing, QC overview, patient follow-up, consumption statistics, event logbook

A high quality B-Thalassemia mode with less coelution of peaks and thus less limitations

Contact us for your free Complementary 1 month trial of the new G8 in your facility.

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