The team at Vicair strongly believe that air is the best way to achieve a safe and comfortable seating surface in a wheelchair. Through their innovative technology they also made air stable, providing solutions to seating and positioning challenges. Vicair’s primary goal is to make sure all wheelchair users can experience life to the fullest, without any risk to their health.

The unique Vicair technology is based on what they call ‘SmartCells’. When people see their SmartCells they often ask “What’s inside the triangles?”. The answer to that is really quite simple and short: “air”. To be precise however, the SmartCells aren’t ‘triangles’: the shape is officially called a tetrahedron – not quite a triangle, also not really a pyramid but a combination of those two. So Vicair is all about packaging air in a unique way, in each of their cushions you will find hundreds of these small packages of air, hundreds of SmartCells.

Healthcare 21 has been a proud partner of Vicair for many years now. Throughout our partnership, we have run study days and seminars and provided effective and high quality pressure solutions to our client base nationwide.

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