The demands placed on the endoscopist during colonoscopy have never been greater. There is an increased need for accuracy, efficiency and simplicity, as well a requirement for improved patient comfort and endoscopic data to support early detection.

Colonoscopy is a technically challenging procedure and the structure, mobility and anatomical complexity of the colon varies with each individual, successfully navigating the colon with an endoscope requires a high level of expertise. The procedure can be difficult and time-consuming for the endoscopist, but also uncomfortable for the patient.

Fujifilm’s Endoscope Visualisation System displays the configuration of the endoscope in real-time, reproducing a coloured graphical representation of the endoscope. The system supports the endoscopist by providing valuable information regarding the behaviour of the endoscope during a colonoscopy, helping to identify loop formation so that it can be avoided, reducing patient discomfort and the time taken to complete the procedure.

Features include:

• Real-time visualisation – Supporting rapid, informed decision making
• Functionally designed – Compatible with Eluxeo™ processor and light source
• Colour graded visual display – Easily identifying loop formations
• Three display modes – To suit individual user preference
• Ergonomic and functional design – Promoting comfort and convenience

Combine the ColoAssist Pro with Fujifilm’s cutting-edge imaging technology and advanced detection and characterisation modalities, and the Eluxeo™ Ultra platform sets a new benchmark in technical excellence, supporting optimal clinical decision making and improved patient care.