At Healthcare 21, our mission is to empower everyone to be the best they can be irrespective of gender. It gives me great pride to lead a company in which it is completely normal to have women in leadership roles.

On International Women’s Day, we interviewed inspiring women from a number of different generations, across Healthcare 21, to celebrate and reflect on what success looks like, how this has changed over the years, their sources of inspiration and the progress they have seen in terms of gender equality over the years.
It is powerful to see the progress Carla has witnessed in her 48 years of working. We still have a long way to go. Today is an important day to celebrate the progress we have made due to those inspirational women who nurtured us and paved the way.

I encourage both men and women to continue challenging inequality and bias. Together we will #breakthebias and inspire the next generation of young women that they can be and achieve whatever they set their minds’ to.

We are inspired by our past, for a better stronger future.

Happy International Women’s Day

Tara Kearney