Leading European MedTech marketing and distribution company, Healthcare 21 UK (HC21) has confirmed an exclusive partnership with global medical device company, Direct Healthcare Group (DHG) to become the exclusive UK distributor of the innovative Raizer II chair.

Built for fast, comfortable, and dignified falls management, the motorised lifting unit is designed specifically to aid paramedics, care home staff, and first responders to lift a fallen person into a standing position in a matter of minutes.

Responding to falls remains a significant burden for UK emergency services. Around 220,000 people over 65 are admitted to emergency departments due to falls annually, costing the NHS approximately £435 million.

Of these, approximately 14% responded to by ambulance staff are ‘green call falls’, which require assistance but not a critical ambulance response. With ambulance services stretched to capacity, the current average wait time for fall response can reach up to 2 hours and 30 minutes, exacerbating the risk of morbidity and mortality for those who experience long-lie incidents.

The NHS is increasingly equipping care homes and first response community services to address this costly issue, creating a growing market for effective fall response solutions.

Stephen Arundel, managing director for HC21, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with DHG to promote its Raizer II chair in the UK. There is a huge opportunity to improve the care provided to people who have fallen and are unable to stand up again on their own.

“The Raizer chair not only significantly aids the ambulance service by reducing unnecessary callouts but also empowers care homes to provide immediate assistance. This reduces the time a fallen individual spends on the ground, enhancing comfort and dignity, especially when no injuries are present.”

Stuart McAllister, managing director of DHG UK, said: “This is a significant partnership for us at DHG, and we are really looking forward to working with our new colleagues at HC21 to ensure the Raiser II chair reaches a broader demographic.

“This comes at a critical time with the NHS and Ambulance Trusts under considerable pressures to reduce hospital conveyance, and ease the burden on wider healthcare services. To empower first responders and care home staff with a swift and dignified solution to falls will help reduce these pressures substantially.”

About the Raizer II Chair
The Raizer II Lifting Chair is a battery-operated mobile lifting chair designed to swiftly lift a fallen person off the floor within minutes. It combines strength, speed, and stability with innovative features that make it an ideal choice for single-handed care. Key features include:

  • Quick and Efficient: Takes a fallen individual to a near-standing position in just 3 minutes, including build time.
  • Safety First: Ensures extremely safe lifts. The system will not operate if the legs and backrests are not properly installed, preventing unsafe lifts.
  • Ease of Use: Single-handed care (requires just one person to operate), and simple to operate, requiring minimal training. All leg rests and backrests are identical, reducing complexity.
  • Comfort and Dignity: Lifts individuals comfortably to a sitting or perching position, supporting their entire body, and promoting dignity.

About Healthcare 21 Group
Established in 2003, Healthcare 21 Group is one of the UK and Ireland’s fastest growing and rapidly expanding MedTech outsourced sales, marketing, and distribution companies. With annual revenues in excess of €190 million and more than 500 employees across the UK and Ireland, we collaborate with many of the world’s leading medical device companies. Our expertise helps drive their growth and provides more efficient routes to market, through both established and new channels.


About DHG:
DHG is a global medical device company that supports efforts to move health forward by delivering innovative and leading solutions for individuals whose lives are impacted by reduced mobility. We strive to support our healthcare partners and the individuals they serve continually, working to improve the vital connections between movement and health, enabling accelerated recovery and healthy independence in daily living. DHG is committed to working closely with healthcare professionals to enhance outcomes, lower healthcare costs, deliver efficiencies, and expand access to our solutions.


For further information, visit www.healthcare21.eu.