The HC21 Sales Training Academy launched their first virtual Sales Training course to a selected number of territory managers on the 22 March 2021, the result of a proactive and collaborative approach that has successfully involved all the sales teams and has at its heart the new Core Skills Course.

When COVID-19 struck early last year, HC21 knew it was vital that working practises were quickly adapted to the ‘new normal’. But when lockdown restrictions disrupted the implementation of PSS sales training channels, we took the opportunity to review how, and by whom, this training was delivered.

The decision was made to bring the sales training process in-house, choosing instead to tap into the existing staff knowledge base and extensive skill sets and, by August 2020, four newly appointed internal sales trainers, Laura Young, Bridget Gillett, Alex O’Neill and Neil Hutchings, were tasked to create a bespoke HC21 Sales Academy that would start to deliver a substantial platform of resources.

“From the outset, it was important that we involved our colleagues,” said Alex O Neill, Sales Trainer, “We needed to know that we were addressing issues that mattered and that we could move forward with creating a learning experience that teams could not only relate to, but also enjoy.”

The entire sales team were asked to complete a survey and give both feedback and opinions about their experiences of sales training courses. This identified a number of issues and areas that the trainers used as a focal point for not only establishing the primary course framework for the new Core Skills Course, but for also providing the sales academy ethos.

Laura Young, Sales Trainer, “I’m most excited about the evolution and the prospects of the course… it’s been built by TMs for TMs and so the salespeople within our company are at the core of everything that this platform will deliver and aims to achieve… it’s completely limitless where we take this…”

Neil Hutchings, Sales Trainer, “It’s important to say the academy sales course is set up to be a safe and comfortable space for people to come and practice their day-to-day skills…………

Going forward, the Academy is to be an evolving platform that will see the development of more specific courses as well as video messages, tutorials and a ‘shared experience’ forum where team members can put a voice to achievements, serving as inspiration and guidance.

“By constantly training and improving our sales technique, we will maintain our status… as the industry leader in Medtech sales.” Nathan Pettitt has said.

The sales training team can be contacted by emailing