Every year, around 30 million open abdominal surgeries are performed globally. About 1 in 3 patients* suffer from painful complications post-operatively that often require new surgeries. Suturion has therefore developed an innovative and first of its kind device called Suture-TOOL, which will transform the current practice of performing abdominal wall closure.

“This is a major milestone, and we are happy to announce our first distributor agreement and that Suturion has secured its first order. The agreement is important for our success in the UK and means that Healthcare 21 will be responsible for sales and marketing of Suture-TOOL in UK. We are very pleased that our go-to-market strategy in the UK is starting to yield results as Suturion enters the commercialization phase. Healthcare 21 is a very reputable company with specialist expertise in open surgery, which we now will benefit from as Suturion enters a new chapter on its growth journey. We look forward to the collaboration with Healthcare 21 and have great expectations for the launch of Suture-TOOL on the UK market,” says Paan Hermansson, CEO.

“HC21 is delighted to be the exclusive distributor of Suturion’s Suture-TOOL patented technology in the UK, which is going to transform the way abdominal wall closure is performed by hand, improving patient outcomes in the process,” said Nathan Pettitt, CEO of HC21 Group.

“We have extensive experience of partnering with innovative manufacturers like Suturion in their go-to-market strategy. Our complimentary portfolio of innovative surgical therapeutic devices will greatly enhance our offering to our customers in the UK market.” said Dan Hare, National Sales Manager of HC21 Group.

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About Healthcare 21 Group

 Healthcare 21 are a trusted provider of medical device sales, marketing, and service solutions across a broad range of market segments in the UK and Ireland. The Group conducts business in 15 therapeutic segments, including products for infusion care, emergency care, primary healthcare, diagnostics, and surgery as well as technical services.

The Healthcare 21 Group reported sales more than €180M and employs over 500 people in the UK and Ireland.

In 2021, Healthcare 21 was acquired by the AddLife AB Group. AddLife is a publicly listed Swedish Medtech company active on the European market. Headquartered in Stockholm, AddLife has a presence in over 29 countries, in

niche segments in the life sciences sector, from research to healthcare. In line with the AddLife decentralised business model, Healthcare 21 operates independently.


About Suturion

The innovative medical technology company Suturion AB, based in Lund, Sweden, was founded in 2018 by surgeon Gabriel Börner, MedTech engineer Mats O. Christensson and LU Holding AB.

Suturion has developed the innovative and easy-to-use Suture-TOOL that helps surgeons to close the abdominal wall quickly, safely and with high quality and standardisation. This leads to a reduced risk of complications for the patient and is both time and cost saving for the healthcare system.

More information about Suturion and Suture-TOOL can be found at: https://suturion.com/


For further information, please contact:
Paan Hermansson, CEO Suturion AB, e-mail paan.hermansson@suturion.com
Julie O’Leary, Group Communications Manager, Healthcare 21, Julie.oleary@hc21.group