ACCQPrep® HP150

ACCQPrep® HP150

Teledyne Isco High Pressure Preparative Chromatography System

The Teledyne ISCO ACCQPrep HP150 was developed and designed with the ease of a Flash system in mind. It does not follow the traditional path of an analytical system, but rather this preparative chromatography system has been designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use.

The ACCQPrep HP150 eliminates the unnecessary and complex integration parameters found in many of the HPLC systems in today’s market. Our PeakTrak® software, which currently drives our CombiFlash® product line, is the basis for controlling the ACCQPrep HP150. By using this software, the need for a standalone PC is eliminated. This results in a smaller, more compact unit with an integrated touch screen interface.

Enjoy the confidence associated with Teledyne ISCO’s active solvent and waste level monitoring which reduces the risk of solvent spills. In addition, all sample and collection racks are RFID coded eliminating the potential of missed tubes.

An exciting feature of the ACCQPrep HP150 is the Focus Gradient Generator. When activated, the user is prompted to run a preset scouting gradient then they select the target peak for purification and the focused gradient is automatically programmed into the system.

The ACCQPrep HP150 is compatible with Teledyne ISCO Automation Modules and other detection systems for maximum efficiency.

Standard Features

  • Flow rates from 1 to 150 mL/min allow development of Prep methods directly on the system without the need for pump head changes
  • Operating pressure up to 6000 psi
  • Choice of UV or UV-Vis plus ELSD and MS options