Alaris PCA Module

Alaris PCA Module

The potential for harm from PCA medications demands a high level of safety before and throughout therapy. The Alaris System offers continuous patient monitoring and barcoding and provides a comprehensive pain management solution.

The Alaris PCA Module is a syringe-based PCA infusion device that provides quick access to total dose history and monitors trending data giving you additional tools to analyse and address a patient’s response to pain therapy.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland]


  • Provides the unique ability to automatically pause the PCA infusion and deactivate the patient dose request card if a patient falls below your hospital-defined % SpO2 and/or low respiratory EtCO2 limits when used with the PCA module
  • Different dose ranges for the same drug based on patient diagnosis (e.g., acute pain versus chronic pain)
  • Barcoding for the right drug, patient and clinician
  • Common user interface that reduces training time and programming complexity
  • Guardrails Suite MX software includes customizable alarm limits by care area and trending data alongside PCA dosing data
  • Together with the Auto-ID module, provides barcoding for the right drug, patient and clinician