AngioVac Cannula & Circuit

AngioVac Cannula & Circuit

The FIRST thrombus aspiration device to simultaneously reinfuse filtered blood back into the patient.

The AngioVac System is AngioDynamics’ on-circuit aspiration option. Its power provides innovative technology that simultaneously reinfuses blood back in the patient’s body to minimize blood  loss.

The AngioVac System includes the AngioVac Cannula and the AngioVac Circuit. The AngioVac Cannula is intended for use as a venous drainage cannula during extracorporeal bypass for up to six hours and for removal of fresh, soft thrombi or emboli during extracorporeal bypass for up to six hours. Blood that is aspirated with the AngioVac Cannula is simultaneously reinfused back into the patient’s body with the AngioVac Circuit to minimize blood loss.


Introducing new F1885 cannula technology.

The AngioVac System has expanded its capabilities with the new F1885 cannula technology. Now smaller and longer, this 18 French cannula comes with a 3 piece on-circuit system: cannula, sheath, and obturator.

The introduction of the AngioVac F1885 cannula and the expansion of the AngioVac System is the latest step in offering a cohesive, purpose-built, and physician driven solution for resolving unmet patient needs.

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