BD Veritor™

BD Veritor™

The BD Veritor System is a Digital Immunoassay that allows you to analyse all that you see, and all that you can’t.

The BD Veritor System uses the BD Veritor System Digital Reader and test device. These components incorporate BD’s unique Advanced Particle and Adaptive Read technologies to enhance both the sensitivity and specificity of the test, providing an objective, trustworthy result.

The BD Veritor System test device incorporates the state of the art technologies of the system into a dependable, familiar platform that allows antigen to interact with antibodies quickly, delivering a definitive result within minutes.

The BD Veritor System Digital Reader eliminates the need for visual read and subjective interpretation of lab results, enabling lab-quality accuracy for any user.

The BD Veritor System features Advanced Particle Technology. This technology enhances the sensitivity of the test. The combination of the test device and the compact Digital Reader results in antigen detection below the visible limit, helping reduce false negative results.