BK 6160 Low Temperature Incubator

BK 6160 Low Temperature Incubator

Microprocessor controls provide uniform heat distribution and reduced air movement in our refrigerated incubators.

The BK 6160 Low-Temperature Incubator is ideal for everyday applications that require temperatures between 5°C above ambient to 65°C to protect your samples from drying out.

The BK 6160 Low-Temperature Incubator is equipped with a unique thermal jacket system to ensure uniform temperature within the interior chamber. Cooling and heating systems are located outside, below the chamber, where the air is mixed and transported to the thermal jacket. The internal atmosphere is hermetically sealed off from the jacket.

Unlike conventional incubators, which operate on the refrigerator principle, the coldest part of the BK 6160 is located externally to prevent dehumidification. With a water pan inside, a relative humidity of up to 90% can be maintained.


  • Microprocessor control with easy-to-read display shows actual temperature within 0.1°, push-button controls for temperature setpoint selection
  • Forced-air circulation delivers excellent temperature stability
  • CFC-free, foamed polyurethane insulation prevents heat loss
  • RTD temperature probe and protected set point mode prevent accidental temperature change
  • Door key lock protects samples from unauthorized access
  • Efficient design, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Compressor relay conserves energy 173L (6.1 cu. ft.)
  • Economical undercounter design
  • High/low safety thermostat back up

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