Coverplast® Detectable

Coverplast® Detectable

Waterproof, metal and x-ray detectable wound dressings

  • If you handle food, ensuring the safety of your products and your customers is a priority. Food manufacturers and retailers all over the world put their trust in the secure wound protection provided by Coverplast Detectable.
  • Detectable by three methods:
  • X-ray by tungsten filaments
  • Visually by signal blue contrast colour
  • Metal detectable (non-ferrous) by aluminium content

Features and Benefits

  • The dressings are made from a thin, elastic polyurethane film making them conformable and comfortable as well as waterproof and impermeable to oil and fat
  • The absorbent, low adherent wound pad and breathable film reduce the risk of maceration
  • A skin-friendly, acrylic adhesive provides secure adhesion ensuing the dressings stay in place
  • The film provides a viral and bacterial barrier helping to prevent wound infection

Ordering Codes

BSN Code Size Pack Qty
Pre-cut dressings
72143-09 7.2cm x 2.2cm 100
72143-10 3.8cm x 3.8cm 100
72143-11 7.2cm x 5cm 100
Fingertip dressings
72143-13 5cm x 4.4cm 50
Assorted pack^
72143-18 Assorted 95
Wallet pack^^
72143-19 Assorted 20