Cristal Balloon CBVP

Cristal Balloon CBVP

High-Pressure and Semi-Compliant Balloon Catheters

CRISTAL BALOONS are designed with a unique semi-compliant balloon material which enables
predictable variation of diameters at a set pressure above or below the nominal level.
A compliance chart is available with each CRISTAL BALLOON.

Optimised Balloon and Catheter Design
The profile, dimension and resistance of each balloon have been carefully calibrated for each specific procedure. The CRISTAL BALOON range offers the advantages of rapid inflation and deflation times combined with a high resistance to pressure to allow dilatation even in tough lesions.

Wide Range
In order to cover a wide variety of procedures, more than 180 Cristal Balloon sizes are available ranging from 2 mm to 40 mm. BALT is also able to Total length manufacture CRISTAL BALOONS on special request.

Our wide range of CBP balloons is designed for peripheral dilations

The advantages of this range are:
•  Semi-compliance
•  Rapid inflation and deflation
•  High-pressure resistance
•  Small diameter catheter shaft and low profile
•  CBP range is compatible with .035” guide wire

Cristal Balloon