Cutimed® Epiona

Cutimed® Epiona

Product info

Cutimed® Epiona is an innovative wound layer based on a natural mode of action. Its 3D matrix is made from 90% native collagen with 10% calcium alginate.

Cutimed® Epiona is characterised by its unique similarity to the human dermis, which allows it to mimic the function of healthy dermis and boosts the wound healing process.


Cutimed® Epiona is intended for use on wounds healing by secondary intention which are free of necrotic tissue, such as:

Diabetic ulcers

Venous ulcers

Pressure ulcers

Ulcers caused by mixed vascular aetiologies

Trama wounds and surgical wounds

Donar site

Second degree burns

Features and Benefits

Cutimed® Epiona


  • Unique 3D matrixTM Technology acts as a scaffold to support the regeneration of human dermis that is absent from a chronic wound.
  • Eliminates harmful factors by binding MMPs1
  • Enhances granulation by promoting cell growth1
  • Boosts wound closure by promoting epithelialisation, resulting in wound size reducing by up to 40% in 3 weeks2
  • Resorbable: no removal necessary
  • Can be cut to size
  • Treatment intervals of up to 72 hours
  • Can be rolled or layered depending on wound type

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73229-00 5cm x 5cm 1 x 10
73229-01 10cm x 10cm 1 x 10