FILAC™ 3000 ADA and FILAC™ 3000 EZA

FILAC™ 3000 ADA and FILAC™ 3000 EZA

The Filac™ electronic thermometer utilises advanced technology to provide accurate and fast readings in multiple easy-to-use formats.

Filac™ 3000 ADA: Advanced feature driven option with choice of additional user modes:

  • Quick, Standard, Direct and Cold Modes
  • Pulse timer for pulse monitoring

Filac™ 3000 EZA: Easy to use in Standard and Direct mode

[Available in Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland]


  • “Auto on”, “Auto off” feature
  • Accuracy claims for quick, standard and direct modes
  • Cold mode for hypothermic patients
  • Electronic anti-theft system


  • Self-contained, interchangeable isolation chamber design helps reduce the risk of cross contamination between oral and rectal probes
  • Single use patient probe covers designed to reduce cross-contamination among patients
  • In chamber probe cover boxes minimize opportunity for cross contamination

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