Lone Star Retractors

Lone Star Retractors

Lone Star self-retaining retractor system offers superior visualization and efficiency for a wide range of surgical procedures.

Better than another set of hands™

The Lone Star Retractor System is visibly different, visibly better. Quite simply, it opens a whole new way to operate. The self-retaining design frees OR staff to perform other tasks, saves time and expense, and eliminates clutter at the surgical site.

The Lone Star Retractor System is comprised of a variety of self-retaining, adjustable retractors which offer superior access and visualization across a wide range of surgical applications. These retractors are light-weight and sterile-packaged to ensure streamlined delivery to the surgical field case after case.

You, and your patient get the benefit of speed and precision in opening the pathways. The highly flexible system of Rings and Stays easily adapts to the anatomical site. It quickly repositions to reveal additional layers as the surgery proceeds.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior exposure and visualization at any angle
  • Excellent counter-traction without undue stress
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Fast and easy to use

[Available in Northern Ireland and Republic Of Ireland]