Mega Oesophageal Stent

Mega Oesophageal Stent

The alternative treatment of leak or fistulas after Sleeve gastrectomy

Specially designed soft and flexible body
– Adapts to the acute anatomy after sleeve gastrectomy
The diversion of the fistula by the placement of a covered stent is necessary in most cases and it reestablishes the continuity of the digestive tract and promotes healing of the fistula. Also, allows the early reintroduction of food, improving patient nutritional states and therefore favouring recovery.

Large diameter and long length of the stent
– Prevent migration
Proximal part of the stent is located near the middle of the oesophagus, and distal part of the stent is located in the gastric antral or in the first duodenal position.

Fully silicone covering allows easy removal.

Radiopaque marker
– 4(four) at both ends & 2(two) in the middle

[Available in EnglandScotland and Wales]

Please allow up to 8 weeks delivery for all stents

Mega Oesophageal Stent (Aquilant) (PDF)