Moving Light Scanner

Moving Light Scanner

All of the effects are activated very simply by a giant Rollerball or Joystick (like a computer mouse).

Colours, shapes and rotation are controlled by the right and left click buttons, large low profile switches or nine switch keyboards and the light is moved around by the rollerball or joystick.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland]

Specific features include:

Radio Remote Control. Just plug the Rollerball into a Universal transmitter and you can control the scanner from anywhere in the room without cable connection
9 colours. Any colour can be chosen by clicking the left switch on selecting them on a Nine Switch Keyboard
8 shapes. 6 basic shapes when used in the simple mode and 2 additional shapes in the advanced mode. They are all activated by the right switch
Rotating shapes. Set the shapes to rotate at slow, moderate and fast speed for additional visual excitement and special effects
Range Control. The full range of movement enables the light to move across the floor and up the walls. The range of movement can be decreased in stages down to a one-metre circle. This gives access for people with limited movement or field of vision: it will not disappear beyond their range
Speed Control. This slows down the movement of the light beam so that the user can track the shape easily (no matter how fast the rollerball is spun)
Default button. Press the button once and it brings the shaped light back to the centre of its field; press it again and it defaults to white disc (thus giving you a common starting point)

The light scanner is fixed at high level and the Rollerball and switches can be used on the floor, at a table or in a wheelchair.

Moving light scanner Kit A

Moving light scanner, rollerball and controller, Universal transmitter, 2 low profile switches, cables and power supplies, 3 metre extension lead for rollerball, safety chain for light.

Moving light scanner Kit B

All of Kit A, plus 1 Nine switch keyboard with a ‘shapes’ overlay. (Use the Switch keyboard to select either the shapes or colours, individually).

Moving light scanner Kit C

All of Kit A, plus 2 Nine switch keyboards with a ‘shapes’ overlay. (Enables you to use both to control the colours and shapes at the same time).