Devon™ Needle Counters

Devon™ Needle Counters

The range of Devon™ Needle Counters offers an extensive choice of different capacity sizes and options that include configurable interiors using foam block, foam strips, magnets, or adhesive strips to secure, contain and accurately count needles and scalpel blades.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland]


  • Rigid plastic box
  • Hinged containers
  • Wide selection of configurations
  • Halves can be detached
  • Adhesive backing
  • Outer adhesive tabs


  • Puncture resistant, closed on all sides
  • May be taken apart to save space
  • Choose magnetic, foam or combination of both for 10 to 100 needles
  • For use in two separate locations
  • Secures foam block to any surface
  • Secure container halves to any work surface