The NOL® Index technology has become the sole device to receive both CE and FDA approval for assessing pain levels in anaesthetized patients undergoing surgery. Analgesia safety for patient safety. The NOL® Index technology noninvasively quantifies the physiological pain response (nociception) in critical care settings, enabling you to provide a personalized pain treatment according to your patient’s anaesthetic needs.

The NOL® Index has been proven to:
• Help reduce postoperative pain by 33%
• Reduce intraoperative opioids usage by 30%
• Reduce the probability of postoperative complications
• Reduce intraoperative hypotensive events by 80%

The PMD-200TM nociception monitor, developed by Medasense Ltd., helps you monitor your anaesthetized patients’ physiological pain response (nociception) to noxious stimuli and tailor analgesic medications to each patient’s specific sensitivity and needs. The integrated nociception level index (NOL®)  provides superior indication of the presence and severity of pain response vs. individual parameters (such as changes in heart rate and blood pressure) to reduce complications and  improve patient outcomes.1,2

[Available in Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland]



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  • 2. Martini C.H. et al (2015),  Ability of the Nociception Level (NOL), a multiparameter composite of autonomic signals, to detect noxious stimuli during propofol-remifentanil anesthesia. Anesthesiology Sept. 2015; 123:524-534


NOL™ (Nociception Level) Index:

  • An objective indicator for the presence and severity of nociception
  • The only multi-parameter nociception index, based on the physiological
  • Integrated response to noxious stimuli
  • Calibrated to an individual’s baseline
  • Clinically validated as superior to other nociception indicators

NOL Brochure