Oscimed PSV Cast Cutter

Oscimed PSV Cast Cutter

The OSCIMED PSV cast cutter has been designed for easy use. Its ergonomic shape and low weight (880g) is adapted to use with one hand. The on/off switch is easy to reach for a quick start/stop function. The vacuum cover and hose are quick release and don’t require any tools.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland]


Low noise and switch sensor

The oscillating movement of the blade is made by a DC motor and a mechanical device.
The motor and the high lifespan sensor switch are driven by a microprocessor card which is more efficient than mechanical.
The motor and drive are mounted on anti-noise rubbers in the cutting head to reduce vibrations and noise.

Cutting Blades

The blades are circular with a synthetic coupling centre to ensure a low noise level.
A special lock nut makes it easy to install or change the blade without tools.
For plaster of Paris casts the blades are in stainless steel with a white core.
For synthetic casts the blades are in hardened stainless steel with a blue core and for carbon casts the blades are in hardened stainless steel and tin (Yellow) treated with a blue core.

Easy maintenance and parts changes

The saws design permits an easy and quick change of parts such as the blades, blade cover, vacuum hose and all the filters.

Safety low voltage with electrical supply and conformity to the latest medical standards

Electrical power is supplied from a 240 volt socket by a cable which passes through a transformer reducing voltage to 24VDC.
The device complies with the latest version of medical standards EN 60601.

Oscimed PSV Saw Cutter