In surgery, the objective is straightforward, but effectively targeting tissue while minimizing impact to surrounding structures can be particularly challenging – especially when you’re removing lesions.

PlasmaJet® surgery system is the only device that delivers a highly controlled effect on tissue in four distinct actions without the more negative effects caused by the use of electrosurgery devices. The system uses pure plasma energy to cut, vaporize, coagulate and dissect tissues with controlled depth of action and minimal thermal effect, allowing for careful application on sensitive structures (e.g. bowel, ovary, fallopian tubes).

Ideal for both open and laparoscopic surgeries, PlasmaJet is an advanced energy device that lets you quickly treat tissue without passing an electrical current through the patient.

PlasmaJet will not arc to instruments or fluids in the area and will not cause muscle fibrillation or alternate burn sites.

Plasma surgery is an advanced technology that utilizes pure plasma energy, a highly energized form of gas, to release:

  • Light to illuminate the surgical field for enhanced visibility
  • Kinetic energy to dispense fluid from the surgical field, allowing direct action on the tissue
  • Thermal energy to cut, vaporize and coagulate with minimal thermal effect