Renal Guard

Renal Guard

RenalGuard System™ includes a console that combines an infusion pump system with a urine monitoring system, a standard, single-use intravenous set, and a urine collection system that interfaces with a standard Foley catheter. The system helps maintain fluid balance by measuring patient urine output and adjusting the rate of the pump to accurately deliver an equal volume of fluid through the IV. Rapid infusion of a user-selected fluid bolus is available and can be delivered over a 30-minute period.

RenalGuard is designed to operate with all standard adult indwelling or short-term urinary Foley catheters. RenalGuard’s infusion system is compatible with infusion needles and cannula intended for infusion of fluids into surface veins at rates up to 6 litre/hour. Compatible fluids include crystalloid or colloid IV fluids in standard one-litre bags.

RenalGuard easily integrates into any clinical care environment. RenalGuard mounts on its own uniquely designed pole that can be placed at the feet of the patient and can be used during transport of the patient. The system can be set up within minutes and requires minimal user interaction and intervention.

Automated, accurate patient fluid management

RenalGuard® is designed to help simplify the process of IV-based fluid management in a variety of clinical environments. This easy-to-use system is intended to maintain the patient’s hydration level by measuring urine output and then infusing an equal volume of fluid through the patient’s IV. The system continuously monitors the weights of the infusion bag and urine collection bag and adjusts the speed of the pump to help maintain balanced hydration.

The system is intended to automate the clinician’s ability to monitor and maintain balanced hydration in patients with Foley catheters. It is intended to minimize the risk of over- or under-hydration through automated, accurate patient fluid management. It may be used in any area of the hospital including the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency department, and Operating Room or Suite – any monitored environment where the use of a Foley catheter is appropriate.