Sensearound Mobile Studio

Sensearound Mobile Studio

Mike Ayres Design is working with companies that specialise in adapting vehicles for specialist use and for people with disabilities.

A completely mobile facility, just park and use. It has inbuilt wheelchair and hoist access, air conditioning and a completely resourced sensory space within it.

Built to a very high standard.

The vehicle is ideal for working in rural areas, ‘Outreach’ projects, urban areas where you have no permanent premises, community-based schemes and for visiting people at home. It gives you ‘sensory on your doorstep,’ reaches people who cannot get to a Centre and offers a shared resource for a group of Schools or centres.

Each vehicle is like a room that is individually designed and made to suit your particular needs. We help you to define an exact brief to work to, and then tailor the vehicle, hoist access and the interior to suit those needs. You choose the vehicle specifications, the sensory equipment, the layout of the space and any other options you want.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland]


The vehicle shown is an Iveco, and includes:

Iveco, Irisbus Euro 4 50C15 shell
Euro 4 Iveco 3.0 HPI four stroke diesel cycle, direct injection, turbocharged and intercooled
Dimensions: length 7.01m – width 2.0m – height 2.75m
Floor length: 4.56m
Wheelbase: 3.95m
Interior height: 2.1m
Manual or automated agile gearbox
Air conditioning
Side sliding door
Tailgate hoist and internal track hoist to suit your specifications

And lots more standard and optional features.

The model of vehicle used will depend on your needs and available budget.

The Sensory space can include:

A completely integrated Switch2 control system, so that any type of switch can be used to access equipment
Switch4 Interactive Bubble Tube with an easy access base
LED colourchange lighting system
Folding soft cushions, with a sitting and laying area
Solar 250 projector or the Opti Sensory LED projector and a range of effect wheels
Tactile Mural
Ultra-violet ‘Blacklight’
Switch4 Interactive LED Fibre optic lights
Sound system
Storage space
A range of switches and other small equipment