Sorvall™ WX+ Ultracentrifuge Series

Sorvall™ WX+ Ultracentrifuge Series

Maximize space in your lab with the small footprint of the Thermo Scientific Sorvall WX+ Ultracentrifuge Series.

Spinning up to 100,000rpm, these Sorvall WX+ Ultracentrifuges deliver the speed and performance required for your high-performance processing applications. Plus, lightweight and fatigue resistant Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ carbon fibre rotors that do not need to be derated over time, and an intuitive, easily accessible touchscreen interface and imbalance tolerance to accelerate run set-up. The extensive rotor portfolio for the Sorvall WX+ Ultracentrifuge Series supports labware from microtubes to 250mL bottles–providing applications flexibility as your lab’s research focus evolves.

Choose Fiberlite carbon fibre rotors for unequalled durability and high performance:

  • Fatigue-resistance provides structural integrity, eliminating the need to derate or limit the speed over the rotor lifespan.
  • Corrosion-resistant design protects against damage due to moisture, chemicals, alkaline solutions or other salts in the laboratory.
  • Lightweight rotors improve ergonomics for a safer work environment and minimize the risk of damage to centrifuge equipment.
  • Repairable.
  • Secure investment backed by a 15-year warranty.

Our Sorvall WX+ Ultracentrifuges optimize your existing rotor inventory by accepting ultra-rotors from most major manufacturers. Complete your Sorvall WX+ Ultracentrifuge System with a versatile selection of ultracentrifuge tubes and protect your investment with comprehensive service and support offerings.


  • Available in 80,000, 90,000 and 100,000rpm models
  • Small footprint
  • Non-bolt down design
  • Self-locking rotor system
  • Intuitive full-colour LCD touchscreen located on front of the instrument
  • Monitor instrument status from across the lab
  • Automatic tube balance compensation


  • Offering RCF up to 802,000 x g
  • Ideal for labs where space is limited, while a low deck height (86.3cm/ 33.9in) makes rotor loading and unloading easy
  • Greatly simplifies installation and flexibility to relocate within a facility
  • Provides confidence that the rotor is automatically and securely locked
  • Keeps operation and programming simple and its easy-to-navigate graphical display provides quick access to all functions and menus
  • With Stat Light, our multi-colour, programmable 47cm long LED bar mounted on the front of the instrument for easy visibility
  • Accelerates sample preparation by allowing visual sample balancing up to 5mm

Sorvall WX+ Ultracentrifuge System Specifications:

  • Max. Speed 100,000rpm
  • Max. Rotor Capacity 6 x 250mL
  • Max. RCF 802,000 x g (with T-890 rotor)
  • (Acceleration/Braking) 10/11 (10 and coasting)

WXplus Ultra Centrifuge Series