Specialist® Extra Fast Setting

Specialist® Extra Fast Setting

Specialist® Extra Fast Setting plaster of Paris is ideally designed for orthopaedic professionals who use the Ponseti Method of treating children with clubfoot.

Specialist® plaster of Paris will ensure maximum patient comfort with positive clinical outcomes during treatment.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland]

Features Easy to remove.

Able to remove quickly and as pain free as possible – using the Specialist® ‘soaking technique’
Minimises the need for a noisy cast saw.

Extra fast setting time – sets within minutes.

Minimises the period when casts may be vulnerable to distortion.
Minimises the time the child is under stress during application.

Easy to apply and highly mouldable.

Provides an excellent fit around child’s lower limb.
Enables gentle manipulations and maintenance of the correct position.

Provides a strong cast.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, especially the Ponseti technique.