SPECTROTEST ‐ The arc spark spectrometer for the job when exact metal analysis is required.

applHighest analytical performance, simple operation, high mobility – when your daily analyses require more than mediocrity, you’re equipped with the best for every mobile analytical task with the new SPECTROTEST.

The SPECTROTEST is a mobile arc spark spectrometer ideal for many applications in the metal producing, processing, and recycling industries. This mobile metal analyser flaunts its superior performance especially when exact metal analysis is required, when materials are difficult to identify or when there is a large number of samples to be tested.

The complex arc spark spectrometer design offers many ergonomic advantages for safe and fatigue-free onsite operation. The light, thin probe is quickly converted between arc excitation and spark excitation (arc spark OES). A probe with an integrated UV optic is available for special measuring applications; in its newest version, it can also be utilized with arc excitation.

This arc spark spectrometer is even able to identify low alloy steel with the carbon content during the rapid arc excitation mode. In spark mode, the SPECTROTEST’s analysis of carbon phosphorous and sulfur are likely application in addition to the identification of duplex steels using the nitrogen content.